Games in the Library & Online

There are many titles available for play within the library. Here is a (not exhaustive) list of available games that have something to say to us as historians, if we play them with a critical eye:


Gone Home

Little Big Planet

Fable II

Fallout III



Assassin’s Creed

Elder Scrolls IV


SimCity 2000

Riven (sequel to Myst)

Red Dead Redemption

Shadow of Destiny

Space Invaders

For more, search ‘other call numbers’ here; in particular try these searches: GVD (video games), GVB (board games).

You can also try the Internet Archive

From Web Adventures, playable online versions of critically important text-only games:

Colossal Cave Adventure game - the first ever adventure game from 1976.
Modern clone of the classic MIT game - still good to play today.
Graham Nelson’s masterpiece – often considered the finest text adventure.
Emily Short’s experiment in highly interactive game characters.