This Twine is decidedly not Gothic in the least.

My aim for this Twine was to represent the material and thesis of the course in a different way, one that would be spoooooooookyyyyyyyy. I’m sorry for that. Anyway, if you can get past the seemingly nonsensical stuff that happens, it sort of makes sense… Or does it? Is it a safe passage through HIST3812? Or will it lead to your (rather strange and ambiguous) end..!?!?111?!?!!!1/?/1


Here’s the link:…%20Beware.html?dl=0


I hope y’all have fun!

Challenge 2

Hey all,

Here’s the Twine I made for the second challenge.

Personally, I feel that a historian-made ENIAC would probably more closely resemble wikis as we have them now (probably for the practicality in archiving and retrieving information). A further iteration might be expansive translation, so cryptology I guess, what with all of the documents that require translation.

Anyway, this Twine admittedly deviates from the point a little bit, in that I’m trying to understand the ways in which historians actually approach history before conjecturing as to a counter-factual history of video games.